This week I’m going to tell you 3 ways you can thank and lift up your massage therapist.

First way to lift up your massage therapist is verbally. During and after the massage you can tell your massage therapist how great the massage was by saying something like “You have a great touch” or “You have healing hands” or “This is the best massage I’ve ever had” or “I’ve never relaxed like this before” or simply “O M G.” And these are all from my past clients. If you say “I’ll definitely see you again” please do come back or better yet, book your next appointment right away.

Second way to lift up your massage therapist is by tipping. It’s customary to tip for services like massage in the United States. I’ve learned not to expect anything until I see it but if the tip actually reflects the verbal praise, I am in heaven. I think I’m going to do a video just on tipping in the future.

Third way to lift up your massage therapist is by recommending to others and sending referrals. I don’t take referrals lightly because I don’t refer someone unless I have confidence. So referring someone to an intimate service like massage is a big deal to me. And it tells me that you really liked the service. Taking time to write a review on Yelp and other review sites or sharing on social media is very much appreciated.

So these are the ways you can thank and lift up your massage therapist. Or at least this massage therapist. And specific to this massage therapist, if you Like the video by clicking on the thumb up I will be super happy.

Massage Monday #317 3 Ways to Thank and Lift Up Your Massage Therapist


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