3 ways to massage sacrum

Today I’m going to show 3 ways to massage sacrum. Sacrum is the triangular shaped bone at the bottom of the spine.

1. Circle with fingers. Use closed fingers to massage all over the sacrum.

2. Massage with thumbs. When you use thumbs, do not just move the thumbs because your thumbs will get tired very quickly. Keep the V-shape between the thumb and index finger and use the entire arm from the shoulder to move the thumbs.

3. Press with thumbs. If the receiver wants more pressure position yourself more on top so you can use your body weight instead of your finger strength. If the receiver wants even more pressure, hook your thumbs and press all over the sacrum.

There are many acupressure points on the sacrum. These points are good for lower back pain, hip pain, as well as urinary issues, reproductive issues and sexual issues. When you massage your partner’s lower back, give some love to the sacrum too.

Happy Massaging!

1-13-14 How to massage sacrum http://youtu.be/nRJc_VpfkuA

massage monday sacrum massage


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