CBD Bath Salt Review (Massage Monday #417)

I bought these CBD bath salts by CBD Essentials at a convention last month. This week I’m going to review it.

CBD bath salts

I’m going to try this Green Tea & Cucumber one. Before I take a bath I always have my water and phone ready. To prepare my phone for a bath, I put a putty over the camera lens so no one can hack into my phone and enable my camera while I’m taking a bath. For the front side, I already have the sliding cover that I got on Amazon recently which I love. I know I think about these things. I may be weird but who cares. Then I put it in the snack bag to waterproof it.

Webcam Cover Slide W3 by CloudValley https://amzn.to/2PPVdzN

This packet has 100 mg of CBD. The packet says to Add 1/ 2 packet to warm water for minor aches/pain. Add whole packet for major aches/pain and soak for at least 20 minutes. Ok I’m just gonna dump the whole thing because I want to feel the effect.

I’m soaking the packet so I won’t waste any CBD. I’m noticing the product doesn’t dissolve in the hot water. There are lots of green clusters like cottage cheese floating. It’s soft and I can grind it between my fingers. The scent is not really noticeable but I can smell some cucumber on my fingers when I squash them between my fingers.

I soaked for about 25 minutes. As you can see these green curds are still there. They didn’t dissolve and I was surrounded by these green things while I was taking a bath. I did squash many of them but these remained floating on the water and some sunk to the bottom.

I figured if this didn’t dissolve easily it may clog the drain. So I used the hair strainer and I’m glad I did. And this is how the bathtub looked after draining the water. I was kneeling on the bath mat to take the video and apparently some were on my knees. These curds are not easy to pick up when it’s on the mat. I had to wash the mat to get them out.

I did sweat more with this product than soaking in a non-CBD product so I think it was working. I slept well but I didn’t see that much difference in a sleep quality. My aches and pains were maybe slightly better.

I grew up in Japan taking baths. So I’ve tried so many different bath products and they all dissolve easily. This is manufactured in April this year so it’s not like this is very old. I don’t know if it’s by design but I didn’t like the mess. This was actually the third one that I tried and the other two had the same messy issue.

Maybe it’s just my expectation but I prefer cleaner experience with bath salts unless it comes with dried plants or something that I know it’s not going to dissolve. Anyway, I’m very excited to see more and more CBD products coming to the market. And I’m going to try different ones.

Massage Monday #417 – CBD Bath Salt Review http://bit.ly/mm-417

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